Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Holiday 2012

We spent Thanksgiving with Marc's family in Rexburg, Idaho.  It is Marc's favorite holiday to spend with his family so we make sure we go every year.  Last year was the first year we didn't have to drive 13 hours to get there so the kids were relieved about that....Bentley would always complain relentlessly about the anticipated travel, but always had fun once he was there.  He loves the extra attention he gets with his grandparents and aunt Megan.  While we were there Lyla locked herself in Marc's mom bathroom and put on her make-up and cut her hair. (Cutting our own hair runs in the family.)  She just got a cute bob from the last self cut and so now it is a little choppy.  She is our little bundle of mischief. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Kidd Family Reunion

Our family reunion was at Bear Lake, Utah.  Two of my siblings are missing -Cachet who is having a baby boy and Enjoli who was doing an internship in California.  This picture was taken inside my Grandpa Kidd's old barn.  I use to play in there when I was young, but now it looks like it might fall apart in the next wind storm.  At Bear Lake we rented boats and did some wakeboarding, surfing and tubing.  Lyla loved the tubing the most in our family.  She would say "my turn" or "again" everytime someones turn was up.  One time when I was on the tube with her she said "I am going to stand up" and she did to my surprise. We were going slow so I could hang to her, but she had no fear and wanted to do what everyone else was doing.  We also rented ATV's and happened to see the Jenkins up the canyon.  We went hiking to see a cave and went to a Big Foot museum. After that Bentley was scared Big Foot was in our house. On our last day we went to Preston to see my Grandpa's Farm and go to the Rodeo.  It was a long week, but was so much fun.

Lyla age 2

Lyla is always escaping.  If I am not paying attention she will go out the front door and down the street to either see our neighbors cat Tiger or a dog named Fender. They are her best friends and she wants to hold them like a stuff animal.  She is the only one in our family that likes animals. She is very independent and loves to explore things on her own.  This picture is at Bear Lake this summer.  I didn't know where she went and found her outside relaxing under a tree.

Olivia Fall 2011

Bentley Fall 2011

Fall pictures 2011

Dallas took these pictures right before we moved to Utah.  After that I feel like we fell off the planet.  I haven't kept up with any pictures.  We are loving Utah, our house, and all our new friends, but still miss our Issaquah friends and all the trees.