Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Kidd Family Reunion

Our family reunion was at Bear Lake, Utah.  Two of my siblings are missing -Cachet who is having a baby boy and Enjoli who was doing an internship in California.  This picture was taken inside my Grandpa Kidd's old barn.  I use to play in there when I was young, but now it looks like it might fall apart in the next wind storm.  At Bear Lake we rented boats and did some wakeboarding, surfing and tubing.  Lyla loved the tubing the most in our family.  She would say "my turn" or "again" everytime someones turn was up.  One time when I was on the tube with her she said "I am going to stand up" and she did to my surprise. We were going slow so I could hang to her, but she had no fear and wanted to do what everyone else was doing.  We also rented ATV's and happened to see the Jenkins up the canyon.  We went hiking to see a cave and went to a Big Foot museum. After that Bentley was scared Big Foot was in our house. On our last day we went to Preston to see my Grandpa's Farm and go to the Rodeo.  It was a long week, but was so much fun.

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